About RandomRani


I’m Rani – a make up enthusiast and part-time blogger. My girlfriend, Liesl, and I moved countries over 2 years ago which has changed our lives forever.
I started this blog on a rainy Sunday afternoon 4 years ago and every day I am amazed by how far we have come.

There’s something that I would like to ask from you,  most people don’t share because they feel that bloggers don’t benefit from their “tiny” social share.  But the thing is that I started this blog piece by piece, and by one small share at a time it grows and will continue growing!
It’ll only take 10 seconds of your time, I promise.

At the bottom of my blog there’s also a button that puts you on my email list, if you follow my blog you get e-mail updates every time I post something new and automatically participate in any giveaways that I organise!

Thank you so much for your continued support even though I have been quite bad at posting regularly! I promise I will try to be better! 🙂

♡ RandomRani