BLOGTOBER DAY 4 | My end of year goals | RandomRani


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There’s 88 days left until the end of the year. 88 DAYS! Why does time go so quickly?!
As the first days of October have passed, the Christmas displays have started popping up in stores, the evenings turn cosy and dark and the countdown to the Christmas holidays have begun. The realisation that the year has flown by hit me in the face.

The idea to write the below list came from a blog post written by Poppy Deyes over on WWW.POPPYDEYES.COM so make sure to check out her blog as well- I absolutely love the aesthetic of her blog and the way she writes, so maybe you do too!

Get my blog back on track.

Goodbye to missing upload deadlines and being inconsistent! I want to get back to uploading quality posts on a regular basis and making content that I love making! I have spent so much time thinking about what people thought of me that I lost my love for writing. Well, I got it back and I’m using it to throw myself on my blog!

Eat healthier.

Everyone wants to eat healthier, be healthier, feel healthier. But we always forget it after a little while, and that soda a week rule turns into a soda a day before we know it. I have been tracking the nutritional value of everything I have been eating and I have got to say… It is kind of addictive! I aim to get 40% carbs, 30% protein and 20% fat, which is very achievable!

Get a healthy chore schedule.

Due to my OCD I tend to over-do the cleaning in my flat, although sometimes I get overwhelmed and don’t do anything  for days! I want to get a hold of my household chores by doing a little every day- without bleaching every corner of my flat!

What are your end of year goals? Are you excited for Christmas and the new year?

♡ RandomRani




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