Autumn is by far my favourite season, that explains why more than half of the lipsticks I own are in darker, more autumn appropriate colours.
Don’t get me wrong, I wear my autumnal lipsticks all year around- if you ever see someone rocking dark purple lipstick when it’s 30 degrees Celsius outside, that’s probably me.


As you can probably tell from the below list my go-to’s are definitely deep reds, dark purples and blacks!

Barry M Matte nr. 177 (purple) & Barry M nr. 38 – Black.

I’m absolutely obsessed with these Barry M lipsticks. They quality is amazing, they feel so nice on the lips and look good for 3-4 hours, although when you do need to top up it’s best to take it off completely and then re-apply to avoid flaking.

Rimmel London Kate Moss 107.

Stunning redd. Great quality. Great price. Need I say more?

New Look Matte Velvet in Royal.

Feels great on the lips, is really affordable and in a beautiful colour. It does smudge really easily and doesn’t last as long as some of my other favourites but I guess with a dark purple it’s nice that it comes off well. It’s in the shape of a pencil, so you don’t need to use a lipliner which I think is a plus. On mornings where you would rather sleep an extra 5 minutes than line your lips carefully before applying a bold shade without sacrificing your inner autumn godess this is perfect.

Rimmel London Kate Moss – 30

Quite possibly my all time favourite lipstick. It suits me the best out of all lipsticks I have tried so far and looks good with most make up looks. Absolutely stunning.

So these were 5 of my favourites, I have a much longer list as well if you would be interested! Let me know below if you do!

And also let me know what your favourite autumn lipstick is! I am always looking to expand my collection! 🍁



  1. I’m loving the fact we can bring out the darker shades now. The Barry M Matte looks like my type of shade I would wear. I do love the Maybelline Mattes though x

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  2. I have a similar shade lipstick from Barry M from last autumn which is almost finished. I loved the darker color and I not wore it all autumn but I did in winter as well. πŸ™‚

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