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*I have been sent this product free of charge, in return for an honest, unbiased review.*

I remember on my previous blog (same blog, different URL) I did this little series of “RandomRani Reviews” where I test out a product that I have either been sent, or have stumbled across during a shopping spree. Well, I haven’t done one of those in ages and decided that now is the time!

I received this body scrub from Malée Natural Science a few weeks ago and have been using it ever since before making this review.

MALĒE NATURAL SCIENCE Conditioning Body Scrub – Verdure – £36.00


When I first had the box in my hand I noticed how luxurious it felt.
The cardboard is really sturdy, it’s white on the outside and has colourful, textured pattern on the inside. The pattern on the inside is also printed on the label of the tub itself. The actual tub feels quite heavy, and the detailing on it is very pretty; the metallic rim, the cloudy plastic lid and colourful (and also partially see-through) label all look very aesthetically pleasing.

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“OH-MY-GOODNESS this smells good” was my initial reaction.
According to the Malée website the scent could be described as fresh, vivid and uplifting which I 100% agree with. It smells like citrus and mint, with just a light musky undertone- it’s amazing!

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While using the scrub I noticed how little product I needed to properly exfoliate my skin, normally I keep on going back in to the tub to get more but this time a little went a long way. With most scrubs the exfoliants disappear after about a minute, but with the Malée body scrub I could actually feel it working and see the results straight away.
After using the product the scent lingered on my skin for almost an entire day, and when I went out afterwards I got a compliment on my perfume, although I wasn’t wearing any that day!


The quality of the product is amazing, the scent is absolutely di-vine, it’s made out of 100% natural ingredients and is cruelty-free! I highly recommend this product, it’s slighty more expensive than most body scrubs (it retails at £36.00) but it’s absolutely worth it.

It’s luxurious, lush, all natural and the scent will work for almost anyone, so it would make a great gift to give to family or friends. (or yourself, I won’t judge!) 

Buy it here!

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Are their any other products you would like me to review? Let me know in the comments below! 🙂

♡ RandomRani



  1. I do love a good body scrub, and find I am very fussy and rarely find one that really is all I want. But this sounds wonderful, with all the properties I want.

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