a week of organised living

I am not quite an organised person, nor am I quite a disorganised person.
It changes on a daily basis which one of the two I lean more towards, but in general I would just put myself somewhere in the middle.
My work space might be an absolute mess sometimes but I rarely lose something, because I always try to create some sort of order in the chaos.
For the past few weeks however, I couldn’t find any order in the chaos- a lot of stuff was going wrong, I didn’t feel good about myself or my life and it created a vicious circle which I couldn’t get out of. So I decided to do an experiment, I would be forcing myself to live an organised life for one week by following this list of rules:

– Wake up when the alarm rings, no snoozing!
–  Plan ahead, and only do what you had planned
– Write a to-do list every morning
– Set yourself a goal for this week
– Budget everything
– Make and follow a schedule for every day
– Throw away 1 item you no longer use every day

It seems do-able, right?

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I started off with a positive attitude, I woke up at 6 A.M. without pressing the snooze button and wrote my to-do list while having my cup of coffee. The app “Long Day” helped me to make a great overview of what I had to do for the day.
My goal for the week is to sort out some of the “messy corners” in my flat, so I decide to plan a sorting out session at the end of the day.
While having my coffee I do my weekly shop online, it’s easy to find the best offers without being overwhelmed by the amounts of buy 1 get 1 free offers- as these just cause clutter and convinces you to spend/buy more than you actually have to.
During the day I managed to do all the things I had planned and have not broken a single rule. Day 1 ended positively as well, although it was weird going to bed because my schedule said so and not because I was tired.  Overall a good first day!


My alarm went at 6 A.M. and not pressing the snooze button was quite hard today, due to this I started the day off quite grumpy  and moody. When one of my friends was unexpectedly in Brighton and wanted to meet up I had to say no because it wasn’t on my schedule beforehand. *breathing in, breathing out* Today was not my day!


I have woken up at 6 A.M. for the past 5 days without pressing the snooze button and it is slowly getting easier. My to do lists are helping me get the most out of my day; besides working I have made a few blog posts to put in the bank in case I ever go on holiday or don’t have time that week. Although my anxiety levels are higher than usual (due to the pressure of following all the rules and my to-do list) this week is eye opening either way.


My alarm went off 1.5 hours later than during the week, but I automatically woke up at 6 A.M. which was incredibly frustrating. I finished my weekly goals already so Sunday was bound to be a day of catching up on social media and Netflix!
It’s weird putting “Netflix” on my daily schedule though.

Overall this past week was hard on me, and although I was quite productive- I don’t like the thought of always needing a schedule to go by.
Sometimes all we need is some spontaneity in our life to keep it exciting.
The past week has been a great learning experience- I might not be the most organised, but I have a great balance in my life that works for me.
Although according to many articles there’s a lot of things I have to change in order to be a perfect human, maybe not being perfect is the base of my happiness.


♡ RandomRani



  1. I definitely think a mixture of organisation and spontaneity is the way forwards – I need to challenge myself to a week without pressing snooze, that’s my worst habit in a morning!

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  2. Well done for making your 6am alarm every day!
    I love the idea of throwing out one thing you don’t use every day. I have far too much stuff!

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  3. I really respect that you tried to do this, it’s not something I myself would do. I like to think there’s a method in the madness I live by lol.
    I really hope things pick up for you soon. I agree with you, sometimes it’s best to just go with the flow!

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  4. That’s so good that you’ve been sticking to your plans, I want to start getting up earlier and some days is much harder than others x


  5. Sounds like a great idea to have a to do list for the day! I am so unorganised at times and the snooze button for me is annoying! need to stop pressing it haha


  6. Keep smiling reading this. I love how you organize it! I too has an everyday alarm set and I am already used to it. Sometimes I wrote to do list and sometimes make a reminder in my cellphone.

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  7. Been loving having no alarm these holidays!! It’s going to actually kill me when the kids go back to school!! I have just started making to do lists. They do definitely help.

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