💋 Confidence is a skill, not a look.| RandomRani

disclaimer: I am fully aware that this post is a re-post from ages ago. Some of you have asked me about a few of the posts on my previous blog, so I thought I’d move them from my old to my new blog! 

I speak to a lot of people on instagram, facebook and twitter (this is only a short list of social media) who complain about the way they look, or ask me how to become more confident- or the most told sentence by 12 – 16 year old girls:

“I wish I looked more like you.” 

And this sentence, although meant as a compliment, hurts my feelings.

Not because I don’t find myself attractive, I am a beautiful human being with flaws just like everyone else.

But because I think the exact same thing.

Can you imagine having a group of 12 – 16 year olds following you on social media of which a dozen watch every move you make (literally- a while back there was a teenage boy in front of my house who recognised the neigbourhood in one of my selfies and wanted to speak to me. @Evan, yes, you know I am talking about you.) while I still make a ton of mistakes myself.

My blog is still growing and it terifies me to know that starting from 1K views you become known in certain groups. Gladly enough I don’t have people posing in my name, showing up at my house daily and most people wouldn’t even recognise me on the street, but it gives me a lot of pressure.

I love doing what I do- and I have a ton of ideas for the New Year so you will be hearing a lot from me 🙂 – BUT, I am still a child, and my life is absolute chaos sometimes and I am not ready to hear the sentence- I wish I looked more like you.

No you don’t wish that, because underneath the layers and layers of make up that I carefully and delicately place on my face each and every morning there’s just a girl.

And yes I have pimples and yes I need to lose a few pounds and yes I barely have any eyebrows and yes I get bad skin sometimes and yes- deep inside I am still a fragile 16 year old.

I still look at other people’s lives and feel as if I should be saying to myself:

“You need to be more like her.”

We are all perfectly imperfect human beings.

And I believe that no matter how you look you should be confident in your own skin.

If there’s one thing I’ve learnt in the past few months it’s that confidence is a skill, because trust me- it has nothing to do with how you look.

And after a while I know you will shine, I know that every single one of you has a light within themselves that deserves to shine as bright as it possibly can.

So stop pushing it away in the darkness- stop hiding yourself. Be confident, and learn the skill.

Looks will follow.

♡ RandomRani


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